Data Protection for Government Agencies

Government Agencies Need a Way to Provide More Data Protection for Less

Government organizations today have to support the accelerating demand for access to sensitive information from government employees, citizens, and vendors — while also protecting that same data from increasingly sophisticated and persistent threats. 

Now more than ever, government organizations must have a strategy and program in place to:

  • Gain better visibility into and control of sensitive data
  • Achieve compliance with regulations such as FISMA and FDCC
  • Meet requirements of the Insider Threat Executive Order (13587) and the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) Program
  • Do it all with shrinking budgets

Protecting Sensitive Government Data for Hundreds of Thousands of Users

At this moment, Digital Guardian agents are securing the sensitive data of critical government agencies around the world. Ours is the only patented data protection platform trusted on millions of endpoints to secure against insider and outsider threats.

Put a Proven Data Security Solution in Place with Digital Guardian

Protect data in all formats, including unstructured data

Government agencies create and manage a myriad of sensitive data in structured and unstructured formats, such as design files. Other data protection solutions can’t recognize or secure all that data. Only Digital Guardian protects structured and unstructured data.

Protect against outside attacks like advanced malware and APTs

Digital Guardian covers all stages of the cyber-attack kill-chain defense model. Its unparalleled visibility detects anomalous data activity — e.g. downloads and exfiltration — and provides controls for automated containment and blocking. Advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other outsider threats are stopped before any of your sensitive data is stolen.

Protect against insider threats while managing privileged-user access

Digital Guardian provides full visibility into data interactions through user-activity monitoring and policy-based controls to prevent misuse or unauthorized egress of sensitive data. This visibility and control extend to privileged users, allowing them proper access while also enforcing policies for handling sensitive data and data governance.

Expand data protection on a tight budget

Digital Guardian is the only data protection solution available on premise and as a managed or hybrid service. Our managed service is ideal for government agencies with growing security demands and shrinking budgets.

Share data securely — inside and outside the organization, on and off the network

Digital Guardian enables government agencies to share data securely across multiple organizations and with partners while preventing unauthorized data access. Its data protection capabilities span on and off the network as well as across virtual environments/VPN. And since all remote access is funneled through your organization’s network, you can be sure your mobile workers are protected, too.

Comply with regulatory requirements

Digital Guardian’s visibility and reporting capabilities provide a detailed audit trail to support government organizations in demonstrating compliance with FISMA, NIST Series 800-53, FDCC, and other regulations. Our solution also enables federal agencies to meet the requirements of the Insider Threat Executive Order (13587) and the CDM Program.

  • Mini Case Study: Document Classification and Data-Flow Control at a National Agency

    A national government agency with a number of regional branches had a requirement for multi-level document/data classification based on sensitivity, specific interfaces, and data type. They needed a way to:

    • Automatically monitor the flow of classified documents
    • Ensure every classified document was delivered only to an approved destination, without leaving the approved perimeter
    • Automate document declassification — including justification — and monitor the declassification workflow
    • Control the use of approved applications and browsers


    Digital Guardian implemented a granular solution with more than 350 rules that control all approved workflows. On certain interfaces, only approved applications are allowed to touch classified documents. Digital Guardian also supplied the agency with an interface to the ArcSight security and event management system that enhances their threat detection and analysis capabilities, and provides detailed information for every policy violation.


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