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Protect your brand. Safeguard customer information and trade secrets from insider threats and advanced cyber-attacks.

Here’s the Challenge

Retailers are irresistible target for cyber-attacks because they have large caches of personal data and credit card data.

Online retailers are harnessing big data to drive personalized buyer experiences to boost sales. They are witnessing an explosion in the amount of personal data they need to protect from all threat types.

Retailers are also facing heightened industrial espionage targetting their trade secrets such as store layout maps, merchandising plans, vendor contracts, pricing information, consumer analytics, etc.

Here’s the Solution

Leading retailers rely on Digital Guardian to help secure their customer information as well as trade secrets. Our data protection platform supports data sharing across and outside the organization without compromising sensitive data.

Digital Guardian’s threat aware data protection platform provides the deepest visibility, real-time analytics and flexible controls to protect customer personal information and your intellectual property against insider and outsider threats.

Our platform secures sensitive data wherever it lives and wherever it is shared – across networks, storage, endpoints or in the cloud – performing equally across Windows, macOS or Linux operating environments.

Retail Benefits

See What Data We Protect

Digital Guardian with its deepest visibility into data, user and system events, can identify and tag sensitive data in real-time even before you develop formal policies. We accurately identify both structured and unstructured data – such as personal data, merchandising plans, vendor contract, and business processes.

Understand When Data is at Risk

Digital Guardian Analytics and Reporting Cloud uses a big data cloud services architecture and innovative UI to aggregate and analyze millions of system, user and data events and turn all that data into human digestible intelligence. Analysts can detect and respond to threats – both insider and outsider - faster and more efficiently.

Enforce and Educate: Flexible & Automated Controls

Digital Guardian employs flexible and automated controls to ensure that sensitive data does not leave your organization. Our context-based and behavior-based rules automatically prompt users or block only those behaviors that pose a threat to your organization. Our unique contextual awareness and noninvasive approach lets you minimize risk without slowing down your business.

The Definitive Guide to Data Loss Prevention

All you need to know about DLP in one eBook.


Brick and Mortar

  • Customer Data – PII, PCI
  • Merchandising Plans
  • Vendor Contracts
  • Business Processes

Online Retailers

  • Customer Data – PII, PCI
  • User Preferences
  • Buying Patterns
  • Business Processes

Healthcare Retailers

  • Customer Data – PII, PCI
  • Patient Data – PHI
  • Vendor Contracts
  • Business Processes

We Can Prove It

Data Visibility, IP Protection, and Secure Partner Collaboration

This global 100 engineering and electronics conglomerate had recently suffered a loss of proprietary intellectual property. Their highly competitive market required constant innovation, and their workforce had expanded to thousands of scientists, engineers, and technicians on five continents. With IP valued at over $30 billion USD, they understood they were an attractive target for IP theft. Now it had occurred, with no proof of who was the perpetrator. The company began an initiative to control more closely its IP and trade secrets, and turned to Digital Guardian® for assistance.


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