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DG for Threat Hunters

Seek, pivot, & identify unknown threats to your sensitive data - all from one place.

Here's the Challenge

As a threat hunter, you are responsible for proactively detecting and seeking out threats within your environment. You analyze all the logs, but identifying anomalous activity across a vast threat surface of millions of events can be daunting. And advanced adversaries keep their attacks hidden, so digging for unknown indicators without a starting point is really difficult. You end up hopping from one tool to another, but in the end, there’s so much ground to cover, stopping every threat is nearly impossible.

Here's the Solution

Digital Guardian makes it possible. Ours is the first and only solution to unify DLP, EDR and UEBA so you can quickly seek, pivot, & identify unknown threats to your sensitive data - all from one place. You now can find the threat sooner, rather than wait for an alert that may never come.

Solution Benefits


We make it easy to quickly spot which trends are out of the norm. Pre-configured hunting Workspaces that include analyzing network connections, email attachment/link click activity, rare processes, and much more, guide you to the events that matter for identifying anomalous and suspicious activity.


Identify who did what and build a timeline with the flexibility of pivoting and drilling-down in the investigation workspaces. Quickly share your threat hunting results amongst the team by using the built-in Incident Workflow Tracker.


Leverage external or internal intelligence feeds, which can be applied to your incident data, for filtering and detecting malicious activity via the DG rules engine.

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