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Digital Guardian Unveils New Managed Detection and Response Service

by Greg Funaro on Tuesday February 25, 2020

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Digital Guardian is pleased to share that effective today, we've launched a new Managed Detection & Response (MDR) service to better help customers secure their most sensitive data.

Let’s face it. At this point the plight around the cybersecurity workforce skills gap has been well documented. A report last fall via (ISC)2 showed that globally, in order to close the skills gap, roughly four million trained staff would be needed. That means the industry would need to grow 145% in order to meet the requirements of orgs.

Targeting and mitigating malware attacks, zero day vulnerabilities, and ransomware is difficult. Digital Guardian's MDR service, backed by our cloud-delivered EDR technology, can help relieve IT teams and security operations centers by identifying dangerous internal and external attacks and better safeguarding what matters at your company: the data.

Digital Guardian's new MDR service is driven by our Advanced Threat & Analysis Center (ATAC) - a group of experts who work, day-in and day-out on detecting threats, carrying out incident response, and proactive threat hunting.

Deploy our MDR service today in order to free up your time with peace of mind that your sensitive company data is being protected.

Looking for more information about our Managed Detection & Response program, including information about the people behind it, the process, and the technology?

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Greg Funaro

Greg Funaro is the Director of Corporate Communications at Digital Guardian.