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Do Your State Laws Protect You? The United States Data Breach Heatmap

by Ellen Zhang on Wednesday August 15, 2018

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Navigating United States data breach laws can get confusing. Each state has its own set of laws, and some are stricter than others. Check out our infographic and comprehensive state-by-state guide to steer your way through U.S. data breach laws.

All 50 states have enacted their own set of laws that requires private entities or government agencies to notify individuals who have been impacted by security breaches that may compromise their personally identifiable information. While the laws in many states share some core similarities, state legislators have worked to pass laws that best protect the interests of consumers in their respective states. As a result, some states have much more stringent laws or more severe penalties for violations. How strict are your state's laws compared to the other states' laws? Find out in our infographic below!

Curious about the specific laws of your state? We have also created an in-depth state-by-state guide to U.S. data breach laws. Learn about each state's existing data breach laws, notification requirements, penalties for violations, pending legislation, and more! Get The Definitive Guide to U.S. State Data Breach Laws here.

Do Your State Laws Protect You? The United States Data Breach Heatmap Infographic

Get our in-depth state-by-state Definitive Guide to U.S. State Data Breach Laws! Click here.

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