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Stories From the CISO Trenches with Larry Brock

Join Larry Brock former DuPont CISO, as he talks about the key lessons he learned in managing security in a global organization with invaluable intellectual property.


Making the CISO Strategic with Ed Amoroso

Join former CISO of AT&T Ed Amoroso as he talks about preparing for becoming a CISO, and how to be strategic and successful in the role.


Landing Your First CISO Job with Stephen Katz

Join Stephen Katz former Citigroup CISO as he explains what you need to do, starting today, to land your first CISO role.


Benefits of Implementing a SaaS Cybersecurity Solution with Forrester

Join Forrester VP, Principal Analyst Andras Cser to learn how you can achieve better security, simpler infrastructure management, and faster time to value with a SaaS security solution.


Analyst Insights – Tips for EDR Selection and Success with Forrester

Join Forrester Senior Analyst Josh Zelonis as he outlines the state of the EDR market, key capabilities, and the top use cases, as well as Digital Guardian's own Tim Bandos who will deliver a demo of Digital Guardian's threat hunting capabilities!


Speak the Language of Business - The CISO’s Guide to a No-Pay MBA

Join Laurie Pickard, author of "No-Pay MBA" and Digital Guardian to learn how senior security professionals can use free online courses to further their education.


2018 Verizon PHIDBR - Understand Your Cybersecurity Threats

Join Suzanne Widup, a senior analyst in Verizon’s Security Research Team, and Digital Guardian's Chris Leffel for an on demand webinar to see the key findings of the PHIDBR report.


Analyst Insights - Building An Efficient Data Security Program with Forrester Research

Join Joseph Blankenship from Forrester along with Digital Guardian to learn how to build an efficient data security program.