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Digital Guardian can help you at every stage of your data protection journey. 

Here's the Challenge

An even bigger challenge than buying the right data protection technology is to be able to implement that technology and realize its full security potential. Many organizations struggle to performing ongoing optimization and monitoring to stay ahead of evolving threats.

Here's the Solution

Digital Guardian Professional Services help you deploy faster, reduce data security risks and get the most out of your Digital Guardian technology. We help you at every step of your data protection journey from formulating your data protection strategy through deployment, ongoing policy refinement, continuous reporting, and risk assessment.

Our expert security teams deliver comprehensive, enterprise-wide security assessment, design, and deployment services to help you build effective data-security solutions. Let our experts show you how to implement best practices for information protection and reduce threats to your sensitive data and critical information assets.

Our Services


Our team of project managers and security experts work with you to manage, configure, test and deploy in your environment, getting you up and running faster than you could ever do on your own.


To ensure you get the most out of our solution, Digital Guardian training offers a library of on-demand training. The entire content library is available via an annual training subscription.


Our experienced experts can help you assess, iterate and improve your organization’s data protection policies and procedures. Optimization services include conducting regular reviews of risk and policy enforcement, rebuilding trending, tuning classification and policies.


From platform upgrades to new functionality, we help you navigate changes at every point. Proactive system maintenance is essential to ensure you are getting all of the benefits we have to offer.

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