DG On-Demand Training Subscription

Instructor-led and Online!


Our customers and partners are highly skilled individuals that manage a heavy workload in a world of constantly changing technologies. To help you learn the skills necessary to meet your job challenge, Digital Guardian training offers a library of on-demand content. The entire content library is available via an annual training subscription.

The content available includes small e-learning topics, knowledge checks, (to assess your comprehension of new material), and video tutorials that you can download and use in your lab environment.

Simply put: You are in control of your skill based learning.


Unlimited E-Learning

Access our extensive library of learning content including e-learning courses and video tutorials.

On-demand Training

Learners can access content when they need it, and wherever they need it.

Learn Continuously

Content evolves with the latest product release and updates.

Team Enablement

Learn critical skills before implementing new technology.

Content Areas Include:

Supporting and Troubleshooting

Learn how to install, configure, and troubleshoot Digital Guardian DLP solutions. Content includes how-to video demonstrations for detailed tasks commonly performed by helpdesk, system, and database administrators.


Administrators learn how to perform administrative tasks such as account management and role-based administration of our DLP solutions.

Security Policies

Anybody from a compliance officer to a security architect needs to know how to apply technical controls that enforce the corporate security policy. This content includes conceptual descriptions of our rule-writing methodologies, as well as video demonstrations of how to solve some of our most common use cases.

Analytics and Reporting

This content includes topics that Incident Handlers and Security Analysts need to identify, investigate and remediate threats to your sensitive data. Topics also include video demonstrations on how to create your own DLP reports and dashboards.

Digital Guardian customers can contact us at Education@digitalguardian.com to start your subscription today.

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