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Law Firm Clients are Demanding Data Protection

In 2011 over 80 US-based law firms reported system breaches, many resulting in the loss of sensitive client data. According to the FBI, the biggest threat is corporate espionage targeting firms that represent companies on securities, intellectual property, and M&A activity. Law firms are explicitly targeted because hackers realize law firm computers often house the most high-value client data — and those individual computers are simply easier to access and control.

More and more corporate clients are demanding law firms show proof of their ongoing security and monitoring to protect their sensitive data. Now more than ever, law firms must have a strategy and program in place to:

  • Understand where sensitive client data lives, how it’s being used and where the data is going
  • Control sensitive data, both structured and unstructured data - across all devices and in the cloud
  • Be in a better position to respond to client audit requests
  • Assure clients that they have the policies and technologies to ensure sensitive client data does not get out

Rely on Digital Guardian to Secure Client Data

Some of the world's top-ranked law firms rely on Digital Guardian to protect their client’s sensitive data from both malicious insiders and hackers. Ours is the only patented data protection platform trusted on millions of endpoints to secure against insider and outsider threats.

Put a Proven Data Security Strategy in Place with Digital Guardian

Get unparalleled visibility on all devices, across your entire firm

Digital Guardian enables you to understand exactly where sensitive client data is and how it’s being used – without requiring pre-defined policies.

Protect client data in all formats

A lot of the most valuable and proprietary client data is unstructured data, such as contracts. Other data protection solutions can't recognize or protect all that data. Only Digital Guardian protects structured and unstructured data.

Cover all channels where data can get out

Digital Guardian monitors and reports on all egress channels, including email, media devices, and cloud storage. It prompts and blocks unauthorized sensitive data from leaving your organization — even if the data format has been changed or embedded in another document. And all sensitive data that is authorized for egress is encrypted before leaving your organization.

Protect sensitive data – on or off the network

Digital Guardian’s data protection capabilities span on and off the network as well as across virtual environments/VPN. And since all remote access is funneled through the corporate network, you can be sure your mobile workers are covered too.

Complete data protection on a tight budget

Digital Guardian is the only data loss prevention solution available on premise and as a managed or hybrid service. Our managed service is ideal for law firms without a large IT team or budget.

Pass client audits quickly and efficiently

Digital Guardian provides a detailed audit trail to support you in efficiently meeting client auditing requirements.

  • Mini Case Study: A Prominent International Law Firm

    A New York-based international law firm with offices in New York, Washington, D.C. and London turned to Digital Guardian because they were under increasing pressure from their largest financial services clients to demonstrate that the clients’ data was secure.

    The firm deployed Digital Guardian agents on more than 5,000 Windows and Linux endpoints, including file servers, Citrix servers, desktops, and laptops.

    The firm now has visibility into sensitive data – both structured and unstructured - across all devices, who is moving the data, and where it’s going. And they can confidently and efficiently respond to client audits.


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