Data Classification

Classify Your Data to Simplify Security Policies and Controls

Data Classification is Critical to Effective Data Protection

If you haven’t identified what data is sensitive, where it resides and how it’s being used, how can you apply the right policies and controls to protect it? Data classification solves this problem and stratifies your data into groups that make sense. It’s an essential step for data-centric security and enables you to focus your data protection efforts on what information is most important.

Data Classification

Technology Options Optimized for Your Use Case

Digital Guardian data classification can automatically locate and identify your sensitive data then apply labels to classify and determine how it is handled. Just like no two companies are alike, no two data classification needs are the same. Digital Guardian offers data classification solutions optimized for regulatory compliance, intellectual property protection, and mixed environments.

Advanced Technology for Classifying Regulated Data

Our Database Record Matching (DBRM) fingerprinting technology is the industry’s most accurate for identifying and controlling regulated personal information such as PII, PHI and PCI. By focusing on protecting personal information, DBRM provides the highest accuracy for these data types with the absolutely lowest false positive rate of any technology available. This allows security teams to focus on the real risks.

The #1 Rated Technology for IP Protection

Only Digital Guardian’s context-based classification provides the intelligence to classify intellectual property (IP) automatically, as it is created or modified, based on the user, source, and application. It automatically adds a security tag to each individual piece of data that dictates customized permissions, taking into account the type, content, and/or author. It’s just one reason that Gartner rates us #1 for IP protection.

Tight Integration for PII Protection

Our DBRM analyzes databases, looking for the sensitive, structured data such as client records in the financial services segment or medical records in the healthcare segment. Digital Guardian integrates with the top 5 EHR vendors allowing your organization to better classify and protect the PHI that hospitals rely upon for patient care.

The Most Complete Data Classification Solution

Ours is the only data classification solution that is:

  • Automatic and Persistent
    • Classification happens seamlessly to the user at the time the file is created, or on business defined intervals.
    • Persistent and inheritable classification tags maintain consistent identification, usage auditing, and policy enforcement
  • Comprehensive
    • On the network, at the endpoint, in databases, or in the cloud Digital Guardian finds and classifies your data to enhance data protection programs.
  • Flexible and Powerful
    • Digital Guardian relies on multiple techniques to better classification that maps to your business and your business processes, leverage them singly or in combination:
      • Content-Aware: Identify data based on known keywords patterns (regular expressions), and/or dictionaries (collection of terms).
      • Context-Aware: Identify data based on attributes such as data properties and types, data location (local or network), and/or application usage.
      • User: At the creation of or modification to a document the user assigns a classification to the document based on pre-defined categories.
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