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5 Digital Guardian Webinars You Should Watch to Prepare for this Year's Challenges

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to catch up on webinars. Check out 5 of our favorite webinars that are relevant to today's challenges.

1. A Practical Approach to GDPR ft. IDC's Duncan Brown

The deadline to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is May 25, 2018. GDPR will affect more than just European companies; any organization that collects data on EU residents is subject to compliance. Are you prepared? Duncan Brown reviews steps organizations can take to achieve compliance, including what you should look for in a Data Protection Officer and what technologies can help enable or speed up compliance. Watch the full webinar here.

2. A Data-Centric Approach to Endpoint Security ft. 451 Research Senior Analyst Eric Ogren

How can you best reduce the clutter of your endpoint security solutions? Over the years, as different threats arose, different security solutions arose as well. As a result, organizations expanded and added to their tool belts. However, now, IT teams are looking to consolidate solutions to reduce complexity in order to improve their overall security postures. In this webinar, Eric walks through some of the biggest endpoint security priorities and pain points for organizations today and how to effectively consolidate products while maintaining risk-driven objectives.

3. Identifying and Stopping the Insider Threat ft. Forrester Security Analyst Joseph Blankenship

One of Joseph's predictions for 2018 is an increased emphasis on insider threats. Based on Forrester's research, internal actors were a huge contributor to data breaches in 2017. In fact, 54% of the hundreds of organizations surveyed by Forrester reported an internal incident. In this webinar, Joseph examines several warning signs of an insider threat and what you should do to reduce the likelihood and impact of a breach. Watch the webinar on demand here.

4. The Real World of Cyber Threat Hunting

Attacks are inevitable, so there's huge pressure for security teams to minimize the dwell time of threats and detect them as quickly as possible. This webinar features our Senior Director of Cyber Security, Tim Bandos, who was a Fortune 100 Incident Responder and Threat Hunter. Tim discusses common threat hunting use cases and how to leverage your data and system activities to discover anomalies.

5. Stopping PHI Theft with DLP: Real World Scenarios

For the healthcare industry, stopping PHI theft is at the top of the list of security concerns. A variety of motives, both malicious and not, put patient data at risk. This webinar, featuring our healthcare data protection expert Chris Leffel, goes through different real world case studies on PHI risk and how DLP was able to prevent breaches. If you're in the healthcare industry, this webinar will help you learn how to provide patient-centric data protection.

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451 Research Paper: A Data-Centric Approach to Endpoint Security

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