Reflections on the State of the Union address and Obama's cybersecurity proposals

The highly anticipated State of the Union address has come and passed, leaving us with promises for bolstered cybersecurity at the government level.

With his communications strategy to share the outline of the plan before the event, the security industry was prepped for Tuesday night’s State of the Union address from President Obama. Aside for his burn of the Republicans cheering for his last speech (watch it here!), the security industry has a lot to cheer about. Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, attention from the US President on our industry will rise the tide. With increased awareness, we can hope to look for advances in technology, increases in technology adoption, improved enforcement and more careers in the industry.

The debates on the particulars of potential legislation will without doubt be last for months, but Obama's State of the Union address has certainly opened up discussion about how to best approach security at the enterprise and consumer level. But, I’m interested in your thoughts too. What stood out most to you about the SOTU related to security?

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Cheri Keith

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