McAfee DLP Endpoint Alternative

Looking for a McAfee DLP Endpoint Alternative? Look No Further Than Digital Guardian

Endpoint security solutions have become a standard for end-user devices today. McAfee DLP Endpoint is one of several competitive solutions for endpoint security, but there are more comprehensive options. If you’re looking for an alternative to McAfee DLP Endpoint, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re considering purchasing McAfee DLP Endpoint, you’re going to want to read this first.

According to Gartner’s Market Guide for Endpoint Detection and Response Solutions, “monitoring, detection and response capabilities at endpoints” is essential for adequate protection against advanced threats that bypass traditional signature-based approaches. There’s only one solution that’s up for this challenge: Digital Guardian.

Here are just a few reasons why Digital Guardian is the smart choice among McAfee DLP Endpoint Competitors.

An Alternative to McAfee DLP Endpoint Software with Streamlined Data Classification

McAfee DLP Endpoint reviews say this endpoint security solution is sufficient for organizations which enforce strict web usage policies. According to McAfee’s Data Loss Prevention Endpoint data sheet, the solution offers flexible classification options, such as dictionaries, expressions, and validation algorithms, as well as registered documents and support for third-party end-user classification solutions.

Data classification is, of course, a cumbersome process for most enterprises. But Digital Guardian completely streamlines the data classification process in several ways:

  • Offering a patented, automated, persistent tagging capability, Digital Guardian automatically identifies, classifies, and tracks sensitive data – all triggered at the endpoint, the moment a user creates or modifies a file.
  • McAfee’s DLP Endpoint software is content-aware, but Digital Guardian combines both content and context awareness for seamless, constant, and (optionally) hierarchical data classification through the only endpoint agent that’s compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • Offering the ultimate in classification flexibility, Digital Guardian can be configured to provide automatic classification, classification by user control, or a combination of both – there are no compromises or sacrifices; you configure and customize data classification in the way that works for you.

The Only McAfee DLP Endpoint Competitor Offering a Single Agent Solution for Comprehensive Endpoint Protection

A McAfee DLP Endpoint review from CRN points out that Gartner describes McAfee’s mobile device management capabilities as “basic.” The solution offers support for plug-and-play, removable storage devices, such as blocking or read-only restrictions, as well as file access protection for data that resides on removable storage devices.

McAfee DLP Endpoint must be integrated with McAfee Endpoint Encryption in order to automate content-aware encryption actions. But with Digital Guardian, you get complete endpoint protection not only in a single solution, but with a single endpoint agent. Digital Guardian completely eliminates the need for individual management and encryption agents, providing a single Digital Guardian agent for:

  • Unified device and file encryption
  • Device, application, data and network access control
  • User access
  • Audit policies

Automated Risk Mitigation, Continuous Monitoring, and More with Digital Guardian’s McAfee DLP Endpoint Alternative

Digital Guardian is a McAfee DLP Endpoint alternative offering continuous monitoring and forensics-quality reporting of sensitive data activity. With Digital Guardian’s comprehensive alternative to McAfee DLP Endpoint protection, you can enable auto-decryption for devices with agents, or password-based decryption for non-agent devices. Digital Guardian automatically identifies and encrypts sensitive data transferred to removable media devices based on:

  • Classification
  • Recipient
  • Source
  • Destination

With automated, policy-based usage controls, Digital Guardian manages risky behavior through silent alerts, user prompting, or blocking, in addition to access control, continuous monitoring, and automatic encryption and classification, all with a single endpoint agent that couldn’t be simpler to manage.

If you’re looking for a McAfee DLP Endpoint trial or demo, it might take some research. At Digital Guardian, we make it easy to get a free trial: Simply enter your email address here and you’re on your way to experiencing the most comprehensive endpoint security solution available.

Other McAfee DLP Endpoint competitors may offer some useful features, but Digital Guardian is the only single-agent solution that’s compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac – and it’s the only McAfee DLP Endpoint alternative offering comprehensive, automatic, and real-time monitoring, detection, and response capabilities at endpoints for adequate protection against advanced threats. Threats to your sensitive data are becoming ever-more sophisticated. You need an equally sophisticated security partner to rise to the challenge: Digital Guardian.