On Premise

Radically Improve Your On Premise Security Posture

Do You Have the Data Visibility and Control You Need in Today’s Threat Landscape?

No matter what the size of your organization, you need to protect your sensitive data from constantly evolving threats. That’s hard enough when your data is on the premises. It’s even harder when it’s in the cloud, traveling with an employee, or outsourced. The challenge is to help your business thrive while keeping your data secure.

Meet the Challenge with Digital Guardian

Only Digital Guardian offers complete data protection through an on premise, managed services, or a hybrid model. Digital Guardian is security’s most advanced endpoint agent, providing transformative data visibility and control where you need it the most. It’s the only patented data protection platform trusted on millions of endpoints to secure against insider and outsider threats. Digital Guardian inspires behavioral change to strengthen your organization’s security posture and ensure data integrity while enabling business velocity.

digital guardian integrated architecture

Digital Guardian On Premise: Radically Powerful Deployment

Digital Guardian On Premise Deployment uses our patented and proven data protection platform to support advanced risk analysis and policy enforcement across virtually any business process, including:

  • Insider and outsider threat management
  • IP and trade secret protection
  • PII/PCI and PHI compliance, advanced threat protection, and export control restrictions

Gain total ownership of your on premise data protection processes

  • Host infrastructure in your environment
  • Manage and self-administer policies, rules, and reports
  • Support air gap and virtual networks

Get expert support at every step of your on premise deployment

  • Data-protection strategy formulation
  • Implementation, training and technical support
  • Ongoing refinement of data governance and security policies
  • Continuous reporting and analysis of risk exposure

Optimize your on premise deployment with Digital Guardian Professional Services. Learn More.

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