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Digital Guardian and Amazon Macie Integration


Here’s the Challenge

With employees of many organizations working from home for the indefinite future, security professionals are putting a renewed emphasis on providing strong and coordinated protections across all user touchpoints with sensitive data – from the endpoint to the cloud.

Here’s the Solution

Digital Guardian has been integrated with Amazon Macie, a fully managed data security and data privacy service that uses machine learning and pattern matching to discover and provide additional protection for customers’ sensitive data in AWS. This integration pulls Amazon Macie findings into the Digital Guardian Analytics and Reporting Cloud (ARC) to provide a unified view of sensitive data across AWS and the enterprise.

Solution Benefits

Data Discovery from the Endpoint to AWS S3 Buckets

DG and Amazon Macie integration enables information security teams to search by file names or classification patterns to identify where sensitive data lives on the endpoint, across enterprise networks and in S3 buckets.

Consolidated View of Enterprise Data Risk

DG and Macie deliver a consolidated view of sensitive data across the enterprise to reduce complexity. Correlated reporting gives visibility into the file lifecycle and identifies who currently has access to or is working on a sensitive file.

Integrated Alerting for Faster Remediation

Having too many alerts means the most important ones, those targeting sensitive data get lost among the low-level alerts. If sensitive data in AWS violates policy because the data is in an unsanctioned location, DG ARC sees and alarms on that, then creates an incident for remediation.

Available On The AWS Marketplace

Digital Guardian has achieved AWS Advanced Technology Partner status – the highest level technology partnership. This designation means Digital Guardian solutions have been technically validated by AWS, and are available on AWS Marketplace.

If your organization is already an AWS customer, purchasing Digital Guardian on the AWS Marketplace has clear benefits:

  • Accelerated purchasing/procurement process
  • Consolidated cloud spend (one bill from AWS)
  • AWS Marketplace purchases count against your committed AWS enterprise discount program spend

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