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Digital Guardian Offers Comprehensive Data Protection Solutions for VDI

Enterprise data protection is one of the most critical priorities facing organizations today. Server virtualization has become much more commonplace, providing a number of benefits to enterprises including substantial savings in both hardware and operating costs.

With advanced technology that drastically improves resource availability, enterprises are rapidly moving towards virtualization of even their most business-critical servers. While these trends offer many benefits, they also introduce some critical implications for data protection that alternative data tools don't focus on.

VDI blurs the lines of the traditional security perimeter, adding unprecedented complexity to the issues of privacy and data protection. Add this to increasingly stringent regulatory protocols, and data protection management becomes a much larger undertaking.

Yesterday’s Simple Security Measures Don’t Cut It

Long-gone are the days of anti-virus programs and firewalls offering adequate data protection. Today’s data protection software faces the challenge of protecting data at rest, in storage, in use, and in transit – no simple feat with today’s virtual desktops that simply bypass the traditional security perimeter.

Yet, many enterprises continue to rely on data protection solutions modeled for legacy infrastructure. This can cause security efforts to fall short when workloads with different security protocols are consolidated on a single physical host or fail to provide adequate control for enterprise data shared between virtual machines.

Threats are ever on the rise, and in today’s enterprise landscape they’re coming from all angles. The hypervisor itself - that is, the host machine in any virtual desktop infrastructure environment - is a strategic target for hackers. Insider and outsider threats to virtual infrastructure can come from:

  • Software applications
  • Email
  • Privileged users
  • Web applications and cloud storage
  • Malware
  • Mobile devices
  • Network breaches
  • And more

Data Protection Solutions Must Be Both Comprehensive and Readily Adaptable

With so many potential threats and entry points, data protection solutions must take a comprehensive, end-to-end approach that begins by identifying valuable at-risk data and devising a continuous data protection strategy that accounts for every potential threat – before threats are even identified.

A reactive response is no longer sufficient as networks become virtual and highly flexible with ever-shifting perimeters. Physical hardware constraints no longer limit the provisioning of virtual desktops, which only further muddles visibility and control.

Reactive and Single Access Point-Focused Data Protection Solutions Fall Short

Most security software applications target one key facet of security, such as focusing on either whitelisting or blacklisting capabilities, but fail to establish a comprehensive security model.

You can’t rely on reactive security measures and you certainly can’t count on software patches to maintain security. Simply installing a patch doesn’t address the multi-device environments that exist in VDI configurations, the variation in operating systems being used to access the network, or backdoors that may have already been created by attackers.

Not to mention, security patches are typically issued after threats have been discovered.

In other words, too late.

In today’s threat landscape, threats come from all angles and attacks are increasingly advanced. Reactive approaches are necessary in some cases, but your best option is a comprehensive approach to data protection that proactively safeguards your data but is also equipped with the reactive ammunition necessary to combat attacks.

The Only Platform That’s Data, User, and Event-Aware

There’s also a human element in the use, transport, and even storage of data that must not be ignored.

Think about it: Employees, partners, and contractors are receiving, using, manipulating, and transmitting your data throughout the course of any given day. They’re using data on the network and off, in the cloud, and on a multitude of devices. To ignore the importance of adequate data loss protection that addresses the many potential risks created in these contexts is leaving the door open for a serious data breach.

On the other hand, data protection services that hone in on these aspects of data protection and ignore the risk of advanced outsider threats could leave your enterprise at even greater risk of a serious breach incident.

But there is one solution that tackles every possible data protection scenario for the modern enterprise, even accounting for the complexities of virtualization.

Digital Guardian’s single agent provides transformative data visibility and control where you’re most vulnerable, protecting millions of endpoints from insider and outsider threats for the world’s leading enterprises. It’s the only platform that’s data, user, and event-aware, providing the comprehensive, continuous data protection that’s critical for modern enterprises.

Take full advantage of the benefits of VDI while maintaining enterprise-wide data protection with security’s most advanced endpoint agent.

Download our white paper to learn the six reasons why VDI and data protection can strengthen your security posture.

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