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Managed Security Program for Healthcare Systems

Read this datasheet to learn more on the role of MSP in Healthcare systems and organizations.


Maximizing the Value of DLP with Securosis

Watch this webinar with Mike Rothman of Securosis to learn more on selecting the right DLP solution.

Analyst Reports

Securosis: Selecting and Optimizing your DLP Program

Read the Securosis report that offers an in-depth technical report on selecting and optimizing your DLP solution.


Digital Guardian Endpoint Detection & Response

Read how Digital Guardian delivers the first and only data-aware endpoint threat detection and response (EDR) solution.


Digital Guardian for Data Classification

Read this datasheet to learn more on how your company can locate its most sensitive data.


KLAS Findings on Healthcare DLP Strategies

Watch this webinar with KLAS cybersecurity research director Garrett Hall to learn more about specific DLP strategies in healthcare.


Incident Responder's Field Guide: Lessons from a Fortune 100 Incident Response Leader

Written by Tim Bandos, a former Fortune 100 cyber security leader, this e-book provides easy-to-follow steps for crafting an Incident Response plan.


Forrester Research on Top Trends & Threats for 2018

Join Forrester Senior Analyst Joseph Blankenship as he uses a combination of extensive research and industry experience to predict where the cybersecurity landscape is headed.

Analyst Reports

KLAS Research Report for Data Loss Prevention 2017

Digital Guardian is Rated Highest for Accurately Identifying PHI in Healthcare!


Building the Case for Law Firm Data Security

Will cyber attacks on law firms tip the scales toward improved data security in the legal industry?


Uncovering Password Habits: Are Users' Password Security Habits Improving?

We surveyed 1,000 people about their password security habits. Here’s what we found.


Don't Get Hooked: How to Recognize and Avoid Phishing Attacks

We created an infographic to help spread awareness of one of the greatest and most common threats to computer users of all kinds: phishing attacks.