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Case Studies

Documented Protection for 2 Petabytes of Client Data

A leading digital agency protects over 2 petabytes of client data with Digital Guardian's Managed Security Program.


Digital Guardian Managed Security Program for Threat Aware Endpoint DLP

Learn how our managed services team takes care of the “heavy lifting” of endpoint DLP: hosting, setup, ongoing monitoring, analyzing, tuning and maintenance.


Digital Guardian Managed Security Program for Threat Aware Network DLP

Learn how you can focus on strategic imperatives while our security experts provide the resources needed to discover, monitor and control your regulated data.


Why Data Classification Should Drive Your Security Strategy

Watch this webinar to hear from Tony Themelis of Digital Guardian as he shares advice from his experience planning and integrating effective data classification programs. From compliance focused to intellectual property focused, Tony has helped to find, classify, and protect data.

Analyst Reports

Bloor: The Importance of a Data Protection Platform for GDPR Compliance

This report outlines the EU general data protection regulation (GDPR) and how companies can ready themselves now by implementing an integrated data protection program. It is intended to be read by all who are preparing to meet GDPR requirements.

Analyst Reports

2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Data Loss Prevention

The 2017 Magic Quadrant summarizes Gartner's analysis of the data loss prevention market and compares the positions of leading vendors. Read the report now and learn what makes Digital Guardian a DLP leader.


Forrester Insight - Identifying and Stopping the Insider Threat

Join Forrester Senior Analyst Joseph Blankenship as he examines the insider threat landscape and provides you with a plan to find and act upon these inside threats before they become external breaches.


Digital Guardian and CounterTack: Analyze Threat Intelligence In-Memory

Learn how Digital Guardian can help Incident Responders perform memory forensics and analyze malware in-memory.


Digital Guardian and CounterTack: Detect Advanced Malware In-Memory

Learn how Digital Guardian can help Security Analysts proactively detect advanced malware in-memory.


Bloor - How GDPR Will Reshape Global Data Protection

Join Fran Howarth from Bloor along with Digital Guardian's Marcus Brown as we discuss how GDPR will impact EU businesses, British businesses, and the global business community as well as how you can take steps to prepare.


E-book: 5 Practical Tips to Protect Manufacturing Trade Secrets

Five key recommendations to help evaluate if your organization’s security program can protect your IP from cyber espionage attacks. Get the e-book today.


Stopping Cyber Threats: Your Field Guide to Threat Hunting

Get this practical guide to set up a threat hunting initiative in your organization. Learn what you can do to stop advanced persistent threats and prevent serious damage to your organization.