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Whether it is data in use, in motion, or in storage, Digital Guardian allows your organization to locate, secure, and document the compliance status of ITAR data throughout the extended enterprise.

Here’s the Challenge

Manufacturers, exporters and distributors of defense and defense related articles must demonstrate and document an International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) compliance program. Sensitive information deemed critical to the defense of the nation is subject to strict controls over its movement, use, and storage.
ITAR data is unlike other regulated data such as PII and PCI, ITAR information is a far broader category with less predictability. Noncompliance goes beyond merely fines, jail time of up to 20 years in prison are included in the regulation.

Here's the Solution

Digital Guardian deliver’s the data visibility and understanding needed to discover, classify, and protect all your ITAR data, including the unstructured data organizations struggle to protect. Regardless of if the data is in use, in motion, or in storage, our focus on the data enables you to locate and understand the broad variety of data subject to ITAR regulations. Digital Guardian delivers the most comprehensive data classification solution allowing you to use content, context, or user based classification to increase the accuracy of your ITAR compliance program and overall data loss prevention.

Solution Benefits

Deepest Visibility Across your Enterprise and the Cloud

Digital Guardian enables you to effectively discover, monitor and control ITAR data transmitted on the network, in use on workstations, or at rest on workstations, network servers and cloud storage.

The Most Comprehensive Data Classification Solution

Digital Guardian incorporates the full range of classification from fully automated to manual user classification. Our unique context-based classification automatically identifies and tags sensitive, ITAR data even before you develop policies. Our automated content-based file inspection identifies, tags and fingerprints ITAR data for the lowest false positives. User classification empowers users to classify ITAR data based on business requirements.

Protection from Insider and Outsider Threats

Digital Guardian detects threats and stops ITAR data exfiltration from both well-meaning and malicious insiders as well as external adversaries. Our purpose-built, cloud-native architecture utilizes streaming data from endpoint and network sensors to provide immediate, deep visibility into system, data and user events.

Flexible and Automated Controls

Controls operate silently until needed, then automatically respond to risky behavior. Employees are educated in real-time on the appropriate handling of ITAR-regulated data via prompts. Actions that violate data protection policy are blocked or contained before personal data gets out. Role based controls can redact portions of documents for some users while allowing full access to others.

We Can Prove It

Digital Guardian enabled our global users to be more productive and our operations to run more effectively while meeting ITAR compliance.

- Director 
Worldwide Security
Global semiconductor design and manufacturer

Export Control Compliance, Improved Productivity