Financial Services

Data Protection for Financial Services

Data-Rich Financial Services — The Lucrative Target for Cyber Criminals

Financial Services was the second most breached industry per the 2015 Verizon Data Breach Incident Report and will remain a prime target of the cybercrime world going forward.

The World's Most Innovative Financial Services Firms Rely on Digital Guardian

Many of the world's most innovative banks and financial institutions rely on the scalability and proven track record of Digital Guardian to help meet compliance regulations and protect IP, customer data, and financial information. It's the most accurate data protection platform; trusted on millions of endpoints to secure against insider and outsider threats.

Now more than ever, financial services firms must have a strategy and framework in place to:

  • Analyze and Control
  • Educate
  • Assess
  • Analyze and Control Risks to Regulated PII

    Financial services organizations handle a myriad of sensitive data in structured and unstructured formats, including payment information, account numbers, PII, source code, formulas, and trading algorithms. Digital Guardian provides mechanisms to discover and analyze PII and other confidential data to support your compliance efforts. Whether you are responsible for complying with PCI, SEC, FINRA, GLBA, or SOX Digital Guardian provides a detailed audit trail to support your regulatory requirements.

  • Educate users in Real Time to Reinforce Data Security

    Unintentional data loss is still data loss. Digital Guardian alerts behaviors that put sensitive data at risk and generates tailored responses in real time that encourage compliance and secure behaviors before your data gets out. Customer acquisition can be costly, protecting your client data to reduce churn.

  • Assess Security & Privacy Policies

    Business processes and business reality are not always in lockstep, Digital Guardian delivers detailed visibility into data flows to assess the effectiveness of sensitive data security policies and procedures.

Benefits of Digital Guardian Data Protection for Financial Services

Classify huge volumes of sensitive data automatically

Digital Guardian automatically classifies data at the source the instant it's created or modified. And our solution's context-aware classification enables effective, real-time monitoring, reporting, and controls.

Data Base Analysis

Digital Guardian Data Base Record MatchingTM (DBRM) allows deep inspection into client databases to protect the PII that drives financial services corporations. Using mathematical hashes of this data, outgoing traffic is inspected for any matching, sensitive and regulated data.

Protect against outside attacks like advanced malware and APTs

Digital Guardian covers all stages of the cyber-attack kill-chain defense model. Its unparalleled visibility detects anomalous data activity — e.g. downloads and exfiltration — and provides controls for automated containment and blocking. Advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other cyber-attacks are stopped before any of your sensitive data is stolen.

Share data securely, inside and outside the organization

Digital Guardian lets your firm share data securely across the enterprise and with partners and contractors, while also preventing unauthorized data access. Its data protection capabilities span on and off the network as well as across virtual environments/VPN.

Manage privileged users

Digital Guardian applies data protection policies equally to regular users and privileged users, independent of the operating-system security model in place. So even if administrators have unhindered access to a system, Digital Guardian will monitor their actions and control their access to sensitive data.

Digital Guardian Case Study

A global financial services giant was able to maintain its culture of “open access” to data while dramatically improving security of critical data.  

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