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Safeguard PII. Protect IP. Stop 3rd Party Infiltration.

Safeguard PII. Protect IP. Stop 3rd Party Infiltration.


Why Threat Aware Data Protection for Financial Services

Financial services remain one of the most breached industries according to PwC’s global information security survey. Banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions are targeted because they handle sensitive data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Personal Credit Card Information (PCI) with every account transaction. It’s not just customer data that they have to worry about; attacks on intellectual property such as trading algorithms and formulas have nearly tripled in the last few years.

Key Challenges

Financial firms are under increasing regulatory pressure to ensure sensitive data is protected or risk fines, penalties, lawsuits, and loss of trust and reputation. Compliance requirements such as SEC, FINRA, GLBA, GDPR and other US and EU mandates demand that sensitive data be protected from a broad range of threats including:

Advanced Persistent Threats

APTs are complex attacks by foreign states, hacktivists, and organized crime to steal data, commit fraud, or damage a firm's stability or credibility.

Insider Threats

Current or former employees, either by malice or mistake, can leak PII or IP to egress channels such as email, media, mobile devices, and cloud storage.


Banks and credit unions have become victims of choice for attackers who hold data hostage to compromise daily operations until payment is extorted.

Third Party Infiltration

Cyber criminals compromise trusted service providers, payment partners, and contractors to gain backdoor access to sensitive data.

How Digital Guardian Can Help

Our threat aware data protection platform secures your sensitive assets against insider and outsider threats.



Digital Guardian delivers the most comprehensive data discovery and classification on the market today. Our deepest visibility into data, user and system events enables us to accurately identify both structured and unstructured sensitive data.



The Digital Guardian platform harnesses our deep visibility and real-time analytics to flag anomalous activity and provides high fidelity alerts. Our solution monitors enterprise data wherever it lives and wherever it is shared – across networks, storage, endpoints, or in the cloud – performing equally across Windows, Mac OS or Linux operating systems.



Digital Guardian employs flexible and automated controls to ensure that sensitive data does not leave your organization. Real-time prompts increase employee awareness and educate users on proper use of customer PII and company IP.



• Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

• Payment Card Industry Data Security Data (PCI DDS)


• Protected Health Information (PHI)

• Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

• Payment Card Industry Data Security Data (PCI DDS)

Financial Markets

• Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

• Payment Card Industry Data Security Data (PCI DDS)

• Intellectual Property (IP): Deal management information, tracking algorithms, financial modeling, IPO plans, M&A plans

Case Studies

IP Protection at a Global Investment Bank

A global investment firm needed to protect the proprietary source code that powers their financial platform. Using Digital Guardian, they can monitor users as they check out code, make changes on a local machine, and then check it back in again. The solution tracks each and every event – including when, where and how source code is used as well as how it is changed. This visibility prevents users from downloading all or part of the source code via removable devices or uploading it to the web. All events are logged and audited to streamline compliance, forensics, and incident response.

Securing PII at a Leading Regional Bank

A regional bank needed to protect its sensitive customer data, which was being shared with thirty party vendors for IT management. The firm realized that failure to secure its PII and PCI may result in regulatory penalties, class action lawsuits, or loss of credibility. Digital Guardian’s Data Base Record MatchingTM allowed deep inspection into the bank’s customer databases and created mathematical hashes of the data. Outgoing traffic to external vendors is now inspected for any matches to sensitive and regulated data, while also preventing unauthorized data access. Our solution’s data protection capabilities span on and off the network as well as across virtual environments/VPN.

Advanced Threats Defense at a Leading Multinational Bank

A leading multinational bank needed to protect sensitive financial records from advanced cyber attacks. Stolen financial data is coveted by criminals because it can be quickly monetized in underground marketplaces. The firm realized that failure to secure these records could not only damage its bottom line but also hurt its customers. However the bank found it challenging to find cybersecurity professionals qualified to protect against evolving cyber threats. Instead it uses Digital Guardian’s Managed Security Program to detect and remediate threats quickly and efficiently using a proven combination of people, process and technology. Our cybersecurity experts have more than 20 years of experience in threat hunting, incident response, threat research, threat intelligence, investigation and mitigation.

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