Malware Protection

Detect & Contain Malware. Prevent Data Theft.

Malware is Growing Unabated

The frequency and sophistication of malware attacks continue to rise, making it harder for enterprises to put up a defense. The most dangerous are the attacks that combine stealth, precision, and social engineering techniques to penetrate and compromise systems. Once inside, these cutting-edge cyber threats can steal proprietary data transmitted over corporate and classified networks, and cause significant damage before they're detected.

Unmask and Stop Malware in Its Tracks

Digital Guardian dynamically recognizes threatening malware behavior without signatures. Real-time detection and containment powered by automated monitoring and policy-based controls protect your sensitive data. Plus, you can instantly spot anomalies and pinpoint threats — before data is compromised.

Malware Protection

Digital Guardian: First-Line Malware Protection

Ours is the only data protection solution with:

Dynamic Malware Detection

  • Detects malware based on advanced behavioral analysis, making it faster and more accurate than traditional signature-based or fingerprinting methods
  • Provides deep data knowledge with unsurpassed visibility into all data events for effective threat detection

Comprehensive Prevention and Containment

  • Delivers the broadest and most complete set of automated, policy-driven prevention and containment controls
  • Prevents detected threats from accessing sensitive data or propagating laterally across your network

Real-time Malware Incident Response

  • Includes automated, policy-based tagging, alerts, prompts, and blocking to detect and contain malware quickly and effectively

Advanced Reporting and Forensics

  • Provides forensics-grade data monitoring with real-time reporting and alerts displayed on the Digital Guardian Management Console

Data Protection on and off the Corporate Network

  • Prevents infected machines from connecting to your corporate networks through Digital Guardian's blocking controls
  • Protects your data — on and off the network — with all the functionality of  Digital Guardian 


eBook: Incident Responder's Field Guide

Get easy-to-follow steps for crafting an incident response plan in the event of a cyber security attack. *No registration required.

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