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WannaCry: What’s in a name? Confusion.

The WannaCrypt ransomware was nothing special. Companies were done in by nasty software exploits and endemic insecurity in the form of unpatched and unpatchable legacy systems.

WannaCry? Me too!

In many ways, WannaCrypt is just another ransomware variant — but then in many ways it isn't. Here's what makes WannaCrypt unique and the lessons we can take from these attacks.

WannaCry Because the Worst Is Yet to Come

The WannaCry ransomware outbreak that emerged last week and is exploiting a vulnerability discovered and hidden for an unknown amount of time by the NSA is arguably the worst ransomware we’ve seen thus far. It’s not just encrypting files and locking users out of their machines, but it’s also self-propagating and uses exploit code, behavior that hasn’t been seen in ransomware until now.

The Incident Response Taxonomy

What should you do following a cybersecurity breach? Fortune 100 Incident Response expert Tim Bandos explains one of the key tiers of an incident response classification framework: the incident taxonomy.

Google Works Behind the Scenes to Boost Web Security

Just by the nature of its dominant position on the network, Google has as much power as almost any organization to influence the security of the web. The company has used that power in a variety of ways over the years, from providing its Safe Browsing API to other browser vendors to making SSL the default connection for its search, email, and other services.



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