Friday Five: 7/27 Edition

Ransomware hits another shipping company, a manufacturing data leak, and more - catch up on the week's infosec news with this roundup!

Friday Five: 6/29 Edition

A massive marketing firm data leak, a new data privacy bill in California, and more. Catch up on the week's infosec news with this roundup!

New Abilities, Targets of VPNFilter Malware Disclosed

Researchers warned Wednesday that VPNFilter, the strain of potentially destructive malware uncovered last week, can infect more devices than previously thought. It also has the ability to intercept network traffic and deliver malicious payloads via a man-in-the-middle attack.

Friday Five: 6/1 Edition

More EU privacy regulation, a new Indian healthcare data bill, and more -- catch up on the week's news with this roundup!

US Government Outing North Korean Cyberespionage

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday released an alert detailing two kinds of malware used by Hidden Cobra, the codename the U.S. has given to the North Korean government's cyberattacks.

FBI, DOJ Disrupt Botnet of 500K Hacked Routers

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) seized control of a server connected to the VPNFilter botnet, a collection of roughly 500,000 hacked routers and network attached storage devices, on Wednesday. It was widely speculated attackers behind the botnet were gearing up for an attack on Ukraine this weekend.

Friday Five: 5/4 Edition

Facebook phishing, hospital malware, and GDPR scams - catch up on the week's infosec news with this roundup!



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