Weakened Encryption Solves Nothing

Christoper Wray, who was confirmed as the new FBI Director in August, said last week the concept of "Going Dark," compounded by new encrypted communications services and technologies, is still posing a challenge for the bureau.

What CIA Hacking Says About Encryption

If you haven’t been following the news this week, you missed a major story. Wikileaks has revealed that CIA actively engages in espionage. And it uses computers to do so. But for most end users and encryption advocates, this news is good.

Math is Hard, But Not as Hard as it Used to Be

The Internet’s security infrastructure is incredibly fragile, and every once in a while a small fragment of it comes loose and breaks all over the floor. Depending upon the importance of the piece, the mess can sometimes be swept up quickly before anyone notices. That is most decidedly not the case with the recent demonstration of a practical collision in SHA-1.

15 Free Mobile Encryption Apps to Protect Your Digital Privacy

Data Privacy Day is here, bringing an annual reminder to take measures to protect our digital privacy. To promote user privacy we’ve rounded up 15 mobile apps that use encryption to secure users’ digital communications and activities – and at no cost to boot.

Life in the Brave New Crypto World

Advances in consumer technology have made digital surveillance easier than ever for governments and criminals alike. But fear not - as surveillance capabilities have expanded so have the range of encryption systems available to users.

The Folly of Encryption Backdoors

In the aftermath of the election, many people in the security and privacy communities have expressed renewed concerns about the possibility the federal government might again try to implement backdoors or otherwise weaken encryption. It will likely be months before we see any movement on that front, but for now, a new report from the European Union’s information security agency says in no uncertain terms that backdoored encryption is bad for users and undermines the security of the network for everyone.

RIP Plaintext Internet

It is time to kill the plaintext Internet. Not next year, not a couple years down the line. Now.