No Need for a Standing Order on Cyber Attacks

It has been two months since Donald Trump took office, and the president has been pretty busy. There has been quite a lot of signing and ordering and order signing and policy making. But what there has not been is much movement on the cybersecurity front.

Privacy Ends at the Border

For people who are interested in personal privacy and protecting their online lives, these are troubling times.

The Folly of Encryption Backdoors

In the aftermath of the election, many people in the security and privacy communities have expressed renewed concerns about the possibility the federal government might again try to implement backdoors or otherwise weaken encryption. It will likely be months before we see any movement on that front, but for now, a new report from the European Union’s information security agency says in no uncertain terms that backdoored encryption is bad for users and undermines the security of the network for everyone.

Big Change Coming to Government Hacking Powers

In two weeks, the federal government will gain significant new authority to perform remote searches of devices anywhere in the country, with a single warrant. The new power will go into effect on Dec. 1, and though Congress has the ability to prevent that from happening, it’s looking less and less likely that they will.


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