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Welcome Our New CEO, Mo Rosen

by Greg Funaro on Tuesday February 19, 2019

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This is an exciting day for Digital Guardian. We’ve got a new CEO at the helm, Mo Rosen.


Mo comes to DG with more than 25 years of experience in the technology industry, including four years at CA Technologies (now a Broadcom company) - where he was the General Manager for the Cybersecurity Business Unit - following the acquisition of Xceedium, where he was the Chief Operating Officer.

Mo brings years of enterprise cybersecurity experience, combined with a deep comprehension of managed security and SaaS, to DG. He’s got a knack for identifying emerging technology too; during his tenure at CA, Mo strengthened CA's security portfolio and was a member of the team that acquired Veracode for $612M.

Mo comes to Digital Guardian at a truly momentous time; on the heels of the most successful quarter and year in the company’s history. Mo plans on building off of the company's best-in-class data loss prevention by pushing further into the thriving Endpoint Detection and Response market, a space DG was recently named a leader in by the Forrester Wave for Endpoint Detection and Response Q3 2018.

In 2019, data protection commands the news cycle like never before.

We learned earlier this month there have been almost 60,000 data breaches reported in Europe alone since GDPR went into effect last May. In New York, NYDFS's cybersecurity regulation requires all banks and insurance companies to take steps protect consumer data. The California Data Privacy Act doesn't go into effect until 2020 but it’s already being said the privacy law, believed to be the toughest in the U.S., will be a model for Congress when it comes to the future of data privacy.

These changes come as cybercriminals and malicious insiders have no shortage of ways to compromise sensitive data and intellectual property. Data breaches continue to make headlines across the globe as hackers, hungry for data, regularly raid healthcare systems and financial services firms. Elsewhere, there are stories of how a state-sponsored espionage campaign can bleed a company dry and how difficult to detect malicious insiders can corrupt an organization from the inside out.

Simply put, today’s cyber threat landscape is riskier than ever.

That’s why Digital Guardian is thrilled for Mo to take the reins. With his knowledge and leadership, Mo can help DG mitigate that risk for organizations. By building on DG’s innovative, cloud-based data loss prevention/EDR solution, Mo’s ready to take Digital Guardian to the next level and help empower companies to protect what’s important to them - their data – wherever it may be, from all threats.

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Greg Funaro

Greg Funaro is the Director of Corporate Communications at Digital Guardian.