Why Managed Security Services?

Managed security services are becoming an increasingly popular option for increasing the value brought by security solutions while reducing IT complexity.

Protecting sensitive data is getting harder every day, as technology evolves and bad guys find new ways to steal sensitive data. Merging the big data security business operations required to do so is a balance between business priorities, budget pressures, and productivity requirements. It’s a difficult task, made even more so when you don’t have a dedicated IT security staff or ready access to security experts. That’s why effective data protection capable of managing insider and outsider threats has remained out of reach for all but the world’s largest organizations. Companies are continuously spending more resources, time and energy towards securing their sensitive data – so much that it often affects their productivity. Fortunately, a model has emerged that enables companies to focus on doing business while experts handle their data protection needs: managed security services.

Managed security services generally deliver security protection in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model without any additional hardware or staffing. For many, dedicated IT security staff is hard to find due to high costs and resource shortages in the industry. By outsourcing to a managed security service provider (MSSP) your data will be protected and managed by security experts without the need for costly staffing, training, or additional resources required – not to mention the benefits brought by the MSSP’s expertise.

Managed security services help to provide the security resources needed for enterprise-level security programs. One of the key benefits of managed security is that it’s designed to help eliminate complexity and maximize IT efficiency to allow staff to focus solely on business without being worried about their sensitive data. Another major advantages of outsourcing to a managed security service provider is that companies can achieve faster time-to-value from their security investments by eliminating the learning curve associated with handling new deployments in-house and avoiding the risk of those solutions becoming shelfware.

For more information about Digital Guardian’s managed security services, download our Managed Security Program Technical Overview Whitepaper.

Serdar Buyuksakayan

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