Data Governance

Enterprise Data Governance in a Comprehensive, End-to-End Data Governance Solution

Is your enterprise taking data governance seriously? It’s an emerging discipline with a variety of definitions, all pointing to a broad set of processes designed to manage and utilize data while maintaining adequate data security and integrity.

As such, data governance can look distinctly different from one enterprise to the next. Organizations use data in different ways and some have stricter regulatory requirements to meet than others. At the end of the day, every enterprise wants to get more value from its data without compromising integrity. That’s where data governance comes in.

CIOs at Risk for Failing to Implement Adequate Data Governance Solutions

By 2016, 20% of CIOs in regulated industries will lose their jobs for failing to implement adequate data governance systems, Gartner predicts. The need for more structured data management protocols with adequate security measures and clearly defined roles, processes, and accountability has become clear. Enterprises struggle to implement systems that can derive meaningful and actionable insights from the massive volume of data at their disposal while still maintaining data security and integrity. In this process, many questions arise, such as:

  • Where is data stored and how?
  • Who has access to it?
  • How will it be used?
  • When should it be deleted?
  • Who is accountable for developing and enforcing policies on standards and procedures?

These questions are the focus of the emerging data governance discipline. Data governance tools and software applications aim to provide strategic frameworks that ease the implementation and management of data governance programs.

Enterprises Rely on Data for Everyday Decision-Making Like Never Before

Data is everywhere in the modern enterprise. From customer contact information and purchase records to personal health information, financial records, market data, and so much more, every business decision is influenced by data.

To make the best use of data, it must be easily accessible, but it also must be protected. That means determining who has access to what data in what circumstances, determining how data will be analyzed, stored, and utilized, and implementing protocols to maintain data security and integrity.

There are thousands of software tools and applications designed to manage some area of data governance. From analytics programs that help enterprises better use data to security systems that help protect data, there are a variety of touch points and contexts to consider. Few solutions provide true end-to-end data governance capabilities, leaving enterprises to attempt to integrate disjointed systems and eliminate data silos.

But there’s a better way, thanks to Digital Guardian.

Digital Guardian’s Comprehensive Data Governance Solution Meets a Multitude of Use Cases

Even CIOs can become overwhelmed with the many responsibilities and complexities that arise from an enterprise’s increased use of data. Instead of throwing in the towel and letting the cards fall where they may, turn to Digital Guardian to simplify your data governance strategy.

Digital Guardian offers a comprehensive data governance solution that meets enterprise data needs from end to end, including:

  • Data loss and advanced threat protection (insider and outsider threat protection)
  • Automatic data classification to streamline regulatory compliance and data protection
  • Intelligent, context-aware protection for all data types, regardless of whether data is at rest or in motion
  • Comprehensive enterprise reporting connecting users, actions, data, and risks
  • Sophisticated, customizable reports to derive meaningful and actionable insights from your data

Enterprises that once pieced together data governance models using portfolios of tools and applications to dedicated to various facets of data governance are now turning to Digital Guardian. Its centralized, streamlined data governance platform makes governance strategies easier to implement and manage than the disjointed implementations of data governance tools from previous years. A complete data governance tool, Digital Guardian accommodates use cases such as:

  • Application control
  • Data classification
  • Control and encryption for email and removable devices
  • Trusted network awareness
  • Control for web applications and cloud storage
  • Privileged user control
  • Protection against malware and other threats

Join the world’s leading enterprises and take control of your data like never before with Digital Guardian’s end-to-end data governance solution.

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