Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Comprehensive Endpoint Detection and Response with a Single Endpoint Solution from Digital Guardian

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is an emerging technology. The term defines a category of tools and solutions that focus on detecting, investigating, and mitigating suspicious activities and issues on hosts and endpoints. Originally dubbed Endpoint Threat Detection and Response (ETDR), the term is now more commonly referred to as Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).

A rapidly growing field, there are numerous software tools focused on endpoint detection and response as well as tools and solutions with broader offerings that include endpoint detection and response as a core or supplemental capability. Digital Guardian is recognized by industry analysts as a leading provider of endpoint detection and response solutions.

Why Endpoint Detection and Response Matters

Advanced persistent threats and customized targeted malware attack toolkits are intentionally bypassing traditional signature-based antivirus solutions. Endpoint detection and response solutions supplement traditional signature-based technologies for richer behavior-based anomaly detection and visibility across endpoints.

Endpoint detection and response tools offer greater visibility into endpoint data that’s relevant for detecting and mitigating advanced threats, limiting sensitive data loss, and reducing the risk of devastating data breaches occurring on endpoints. Endpoint detection and response tools are complimentary to a variety of other security measures and solutions as well, including data loss prevention (DLP) solutions, security information and event management (SIEM), network forensics tools (NFT), and advanced threat defense (ATD) appliances.

An Exploding Sector in Enterprise Security

Digital Guardian’s kernel-level security technology provides deep endpoint visibility to enable real-time detection and response of endpoint threats. Thanks to its heritage in data loss prevention, Digital Guardian's EDR solution can be supplemented with DLP capabilities including device control, data classification, and encryption, as well as the ability to block known malicious applications and unknown applications from copying, accessing, or transmitting sensitive data. Additionally, Digital Guardian’s endpoint security technology provides visibility into a variety of events, including:

  • Application access and activity
  • Operating system activity
  • All data interactions (creation, modification, transmission, duplication, etc.)
  • User access to sensitive data Memory usage

But Digital Guardian’s endpoint protection capabilities don’t end there. Digital Guardian’s endpoint detection and response functionality is also capable of malware discovery, correlation, and IOC detection. Digital Guardian can be configured to perform policy-based prevention and containment activities on individual hosts and it also supports both static and dynamic malware investigations and reporting.

Why Digital Guardian Endpoint Protection is the Ideal Solution for Endpoint Detection and Response

Digital Guardian’s widespread capabilities both for endpoint detection and response as well as broader data protection make the platform a far-reaching solution for modern enterprises. A single endpoint platform protects laptops, desktops, servers, and virtual environments, with support for a variety of operating systems. With multiple deployment options (on-premise, managed services, or hybrid msp), Digital Guardian’s versatile and comprehensive platform is an ideal solution for protecting enterprises’ sensitive data from an ever-expanding threat landscape.

Digital Guardian is the only endpoint security solution offering complete visibility into both insider and outsider threats across all endpoint devices. This data can be correlated with other security event streams via HP ArcSight in order to detect today’s most advanced attacks in real-time.

Endpoints Are Frequent Entry Points for Advanced Persistent Threats and Targeted Attacks

Endpoints are often entry points for advanced persistent threats (APT) and targeted attacks. In fact, 40 percent of security professionals say their endpoints have been an entry point for an APT or targeted attack within the past 12 months, making endpoint visibility critical in the modern threat landscape.

Only Digital Guardian offers comprehensive endpoint detection and response with a single solution that protects against both insider and outsider threats. A data-centric approach combining deep data visibility and knowledge of process-level malicious behaviors, Digital Guardian provides comprehensive protection against the loss of sensitive data.

As enterprise networks are changing in terms of where employees are located, where data is located, and from which locations it can be accessed, detecting threats at endpoints is an essential component of information security. By detecting, understanding, and stopping threats before sensitive data is compromised, Digital Guardian provides the most advanced endpoint detection and response solution available. Digital Guardian’s autonomous agent protects your endpoints wherever they may be, whether on a corporate network, third-party network, or not connected to a network at all.

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