Device Control & Encryption

Enable Workforce Productivity, Ensure Device Control

USB Drives are a Primary Vector for Data Loss

In today’s networked world, external devices and removable media are part of day-to-day business operations. But they also pose a threat to data and are a potential entry point for malware. Once copied to a removable device, sensitive data is no longer under your organization’s control and protection. For malicious insiders, external devices are a fast way to steal data or compromise systems without anyone knowing about it. 

Stay in Control of Your Data Wherever it Goes

Digital Guardian prevents data theft or the introduction of malware from removable media or external devices. It also ensures external devices are being used properly and data is secured by auto encryption even after it leaves your organization.

Device Control and Encryption

There’s Nothing Like It for Device Control and Encryption

Digital Guardian is the only data protection solution that:

  • Provides automated, policy-based usage controls for removable media devices, including alerts, prompts, or blocks when risky behavior is attempted (e.g. trying to copy sensitive data to a USB drive)
  • Gives you forensics-quality reporting with deep visibility and continuous monitoring of data activity on a device
  • Distinguishes devices by class and allows use only by authorized individuals
  • Automatically identifies and encrypts sensitive data transferred to removable media based on classification, recipient, and destination
  • Allows you to enable auto decryption for devices with agents or password-based decryption for non-agent devices
  • Eliminates the need for individual management and encryption agents, as one Digital Guardian agent delivers unified device and file encryption, control, access, and audit policies

Digital Guardian Technical Overview

Learn how Digital Guardian’s advanced technology works to secure your sensitive data regardless of the threat.

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