Digital Guardian Acquires Armor5

Nate Lord
Last Updated: Tuesday September 13, 2016

Acquisition of 2014 Gartner Cool Vendor Extends Digital Guardian Data Protection to Cloud and Mobile Devices

Today with great excitement we announced our acquisition of Armor5, cloud-based provider of zero touch, secure cloud access for all devices. Armor5 has built up tremendous momentum in the cloud and mobile security space since its 2012 founding by former Adobe, Motorola, and Yahoo executives. The company has gained recognition as a 2014 Gartner Cool Vendor in Application and Endpoint Security as well as a 2013 Network World 10 Hot Security Startups to Watch.

The acquisition of Armor5’s solution accelerates our vision of total data protection across all devices, networks, and users. Integrating Armor5 into the Digital Guardian Management Console extends Digital Guardian’s data protection capabilities to cloud applications and mobiles devices. The Armor5 Zero Touch approach requires no installs or configuration on the device or DMZ, operates without a performance deficit, and leaves no data on mobile devices.

We’re all thrilled at the potential of this acquisition, and our CEO Ken Levine is sharing his excitement in today’s announcement:

“…Enterprises are rapidly deploying cloud solutions and storing some of their most sensitive data there. While companies have been quick to adopt these technologies, the investment in security for these solutions is lacking. Our vision lets companies deploy consistent data protection policies from a single platform that persist across all devices and locations. The Armor5 acquisition gets us closer to making this vision a reality.” – Ken Levine, president and chief executive officer, Digital Guardian.

ESG senior principal analyst and 2014 Security Change Agent contributor Jon Oltsik also weighed in on the acquisition as well as the current need for integrated cloud security:

“Enterprise organizations want cloud flexibility and mobility but not at the expense of increased risk to sensitive data. Yes, you can manage data security through cloud-based services, but CISOs really want to extend their existing data security controls to the cloud rather than add an incremental layer of data security controls and operations overhead. With its acquisition of Armor5, Digital Guardian becomes a one-stop-shop for bridging internal IT and cloud-based data security controls and operations. This is the exact combination that enterprises are looking for.”

More from the Digital Guardian Data Security Knowledge Base:

Nate Lord

Comments (5)

Tony P. | October 20, 2014 2:49 pm

451 Research did a good analysis of the deal. You can find it here: Here's a direct quote:

"The sky's the limit with the cloud-based in-line architecture Armor5 chose, and Digital Guardian could take the technology in several directions, though we suspect the company will remain true to its core mission of protecting the exfiltration of sensitive data."

Curious Joe | April 08, 2016 1:13 pm

Is there a product available that integrates Armor5's technology with Digital Guardian's DLP?

Nate Lord | April 08, 2016 3:53 pm

Hey Curious Joe,

The short answer is yes. Armor5 essentially provided cloud data protection capabilities that we’ve now integrated into our Digital Guardian Data Protection Platform. Also with our recent acquisition of Code Green Networks ( that cloud data protection capability has been vastly expanded with API-style support for some of the most popular data storage and collaboration providers like Box, Citrix Sharefile, plus Office365 and more. If you want us to connect you with an account rep, let us know. Thanks!


Curious Joe | April 16, 2016 8:28 pm

That's really good to hear. A secure browser with DLP could be quite a differentiator compared to Bromium and Menlo Security's offering. Any public deployment?

Nate Lord | April 20, 2016 3:12 pm

Hey Joe,

Shoot us an email at and I'll connect you with the right person to provide more information.



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