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Digital Guardian's Data Protection Platform Rated Five Stars, Named A "Best Buy" by SC Magazine

by Greg Funaro on Friday March 13, 2020

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SC Labs' review highlights the visibility provided by the solution, its ability to identify, tag, and fingerprint sensitive data, and provide insider/external threat protection.

We're excited to share that Digital Guardian's Data Protection Platform was recently reviewed by the experts at SC Labs as part of SC Magazine’s product review series where it received five stars and was named a "SC Labs Best Buy!"

In particular, SC Labs praised Digital Guardian's ease of use, support, documentation, performance, and value for money, noting that the solution is both comprehensive and competitively priced, making it the publication's "pick of the litter" among the data loss prevention solutions it looked at.

We're especially thrilled the five-star review pointed out some of our Data Protection Platform's “many impressive features,” including its ability to leverage content, context, and user-based classifications to tag and fingerprint an organization's sensitive data with the fewest possible false positives.

Our cloud-delivered data protection platform checked all the boxes for SC Labs. The review highlights the data visibility the platform affords organizations, our managed security programs, and our ability to stop data loss by both insiders and outsiders.

In the introduction to this month’s reviews section, SC Labs' Katelyn Dunn highlights the significance of data loss protection solutions.

“Everyone needs to incorporate data loss prevention into their security practices and should consider these products a staple in any security toolset,” Dunn writes.

The need to limit data loss and improve an organization’s security posture, in addition to constantly evolving compliance standards and security protocols have increased importance around solutions like Digital Guardian’s Data Protection Platform.

“It is a worthy contender in the DLP space and ideal for anyone looking for data visibility and control, an investigation module, insider/external threat protection and compliance support in a single package,” the review adds.

The five-star review comes on the heels of news last week that Digital Guardian’s Data Protection Platform was named a SC Trust Award winner in the Best Data Loss Prevention category.

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Greg Funaro

Greg Funaro is the Director of Corporate Communications at Digital Guardian.