Data Leak Protection

Digital Guardian’s Comprehensive Data Leakage Prevention Solution Meets the Real-Time Demands of Modern Enterprises

Every enterprise has sensitive data that must be secured. In fact, the volume of data that exists worldwide is doubling approximately every two years. While both consumers and businesses contribute to this exponential growth, there’s no question that enterprises are facing a mounting challenge when it comes to protecting their sensitive data.

Explosive Data Growth Has Benefits, But Also Implications

According to a TechDay report on EMC’s Digital Universe study, the world’s data is expected to multiply ten-fold between 2013 and 2020. Jeremy Burton, EMC Information Infrastructure President of Products and Marketing, told TechDay that businesses are embracing the potential of this “social and mobile phenomenon.” This adoption enables organizations to make better use of the data they already have as well as generate and analyze new streams of data for deeper and more actionable insights.

But, Burton points out, this trend also comes with some daunting implications, particularly in the area of IT. “IT departments must press the restart button to find new ways to innovate around existing infrastructure while positioning themselves to dive into a future of third platform computing,” says Burton. The result is an evolved, shifting data landscape that’s more prone to data leakage adequate data leak protection measures.

Data Leakage Poses Significant Risks for Enterprises

Whether your enterprise works with customer payment information and order histories, personal health information (PHI), trade secrets, intellectual property, or even something as simple as login credentials, your company has data that can have serious ramifications if leaked. What’s more, data today is frequently on the move, and new technologies such as cloud computing and virtual data centers make pinpointing the precise location of data at rest a tricky task. If you’re in a regulated industry, such as healthcare, you’re faced with a slew of regulatory requirements you must also comply with related to the way your company stores, sends, and uses constituent data. Without data leakage protection your company is at risk for serious consequences ranging from brand reputation damage to financial disaster and stiff penalties from regulatory agencies.

The Cloud Makes Data Leakage Protection Increasingly Complex

As enterprises turn to the cloud and virtualization to streamline business processes and make services and applications readily accessible, data leak prevention is no longer as simple as setting up firewalls and creating employee confidentiality policies.

Today’s enterprises:

  • Rely on web-based applications to create, transmit, manipulate, and use data.
  • Use a multitude of devices to access company networks and third-party applications.
  • Store data in virtual data centers.

The security perimeter is no longer limited to a specific set of physical devices and endpoints; it’s in a state of constant flux.

Data leak protection in the modern enterprise environment is no longer merely a matter of blocking outside intruders from accessing your networks. Data leak protection today requires both the location and classification of data as well as continuous data monitoring – whether it is at rest, in motion, or in use. This requires comprehensive data leak protection solutions that are up to the task.

Most Data Leakage Prevention Tools Focus on a Single Component of the Equation

There are plenty of data leakage prevention tools, but most focus on just one facet of data protection. You can find tools to protect local machines and endpoints, for instance, or tools that analyze the security of web applications against existing security policies and protocols. But few competitive tools provide the same level of comprehensive data leakage prevention that Digital Guardian offers.

Digital Guardian is the only platform that’s constantly aware of not only data, but users and events, providing transformative data visibility and intelligent controls to protect your company’s most sensitive information from all threats, regardless of source. Digital Guardian remains flexible as endpoints constantly change, adapting in real time to provide the most comprehensive data leak prevention possible.

Only Digital Guardian accounts for every conceivable methodology for insider and outsider attacks while providing complete visibility and iron-clad data leakage protection.

Digital Guardian’s data leak prevention software encompasses the following use cases:

  • Monitoring and reporting for all data events
  • Application control
  • Device control and encryption
  • Automatic data classification
  • Email control and encryption
  • Malware protection
  • Trusted network awareness
  • Privileged user control
  • Web application and cloud storage control

Data leakage prevention simply doesn’t get more comprehensive than this.

Want to learn more? Download our Visibility Study Datasheet now to discover how Digital Guardian’s data leak prevention solution provides deep visibility in online, offline, physical, or virtual environments for complete data leakage prevention.

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