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Digital Guardian for Compliance Technical Overview

Get the technical details on how Digital Guardian solutions protect on the network, at the endpoint, in the cloud, and discovers sensitive data.

Case Studies

How a Renowned Healthcare Institution Protects Patient Data in the Cloud

This customer success story explains how a leading healthcare institution implemented secure cloud storage to dramatically improve the sharing of patient information across multiple campuses while remaining HIPAA compliant. 


Getting Successful with DLP: A Framework for Rapid DLP Deployment

In this webinar, Rebecca Williams, Delivery Manager for Managed Services at Digital Guardian, covers how a proven, insight-driven framework can make DLP deployments successful and quick with the help of a managed service provider.


The Real World of Cyber Threat Hunting: Tools, Tips & Recipes

Register for this webinar to hear Tim Bandos, Senior Director of Cybersecurity at Digital Guardian conduct a deep dive into the world of Threat Hunting. 


Cyber Hunting Safety: Cyber Threat Tracking, Hunting, and Recipes

In this webinar, Tim Bandos, Senior Director of Cyber Security Services at Digital Guardian, discusses threat hunting in relation to the incident response framework and gives advice on how to start or improve your success rate.


Addressing the Top 5 Healthcare IT Security Risks

Join Chris Sherman of Forrester Research as he explains the state of IT security in the healthcare industry and provides recommendations on where healthcare organizations should focus their efforts.


Call of Duty - The Gamification of DLP

In this webinar, Mark Stevens and Justin Bortnik of Digital Guardian explain how you can strengthen your DLP program and empower your employees through gamification.


Security Audit Checklist

Are you ready for your next security audit? This checklist will help you gauge your readiness and identify areas you need to improve.


4 Steps to Implementing Data Protection in Healthcare

Read this whitepaper to learn a best practices framework to implement data protection in healthcare.


Distinguishing malicious processes from business processes with Digital Guardian ATP

Digital Guardian Advanced Threat Protection goes beyond simple malware signatures, it analyzes and links events to protect your data.


Digital Guardian Advanced Threat Protection: Increased visibility for faster threat response

With Digital Guardian ATP’s deep visibility you can better see what’s happening in your world to contain threats before they become breaches.


Digital Guardian and FireEye integration for better malware protection

Digital Guardian and FireEye combine to deliver comprehensive data protection.