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Alleviate the security talent shortage with managed security | Optimizing Your Data Protection 4/5

Learn how managed security programs can let the experts who live, eat, and breathe security run your data protection program.


The convergence of data protection and advanced threat defense | Optimizing Your Data Protection 5/5

Get insights into how the convergence of data protection and advanced threat protection can secure business processes from both internal and external threats.


Tips to Build Your Data Protection Business Case

With data breaches on the rise, learn how to convince your organization to take data protection seriously. [Webinar Recording & Transcript]


Why you should (re)think DLP for data protection

Listen to why 451 Research sees DLP as a top security initiative and is back on the budget in many organizations.


What Type of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is Right for your Organization?

Get a breakdown of the key differences between network and endpoint DLP with questions to help you choose the best solution for your needs.


Digital Guardian for Data Discovery & Cloud

Learn how Digital Guardian protects your cloud data.


Digital Guardian Network DLP

Learn why Digital Guardian is a great choice for Network DLP.


451 Report: Why DLP is Hot Again

We explain why one of the first methods of data security is returning to the forefront of the industry. [Webinar Transcript]

Case Studies

Compliant with Client Data Protection Requirements in 90 Days

Learn how the multi-national technology company gained compliance with client data protection requirements in 90 days.


Digital Guardian: The Next Generation Endpoint Security Platform

Analyst Reports

451 Research: The Data Loss Prevention Market by the Numbers

Learn why “DLP is back in vogue again” with 451 predicting the market growing to $1.7B by 2019. Read the report to learn why compliance isn't the only driver of DLP demand anymore and where the DLP market is going.

Analyst Reports

Forrester Market Overview: Cloud Data Protection Solutions

Get the latest market overview from Forrester that evaluates various flavors and vendors of cloud data protection (CDP) solutions, including Digital Guardian.