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Case Studies

St. Charles Healthcare System - Enabling Care Providers While Protecting Patient Data

This case study explains how St. Charles Health System (SCHS) implemented Digital Guardian Network DLP to help achieve HIPAA compliance.


Data Protection Vendor Evaluation Toolkit

There are many important criteria to consider when evaluating and selecting a data protection vendor. Our Data Protection Vendor Evaluation Toolkit was designed to help you through the vendor selection process and ensure that you have the information you need to select the solution that best fits your organization’s unique requirements. The toolkit contains an RFI-RFP criteria template and a corresponding vendor evaluation scorecard.


E book: 5 Myths Holding Your Security Program Back

Security industry legend Dan Geer debunks five misconceptions common to many data protection programs that are hurting your overall program’s effectiveness. 


Digital Guardian Sees Through Data Protection Evasion Techniques

This demo mimics the various techniques used to mask attempts to steal sensitive company data and how Digital Guardian can stop them.


Digital Guardian data protection for your OS X environment

This video demonstrates the Digital Guardian Mac Agent's power to protect structured and unstructured data.


Digital Guardian Keeps your CAD in the Cradle

This video demo focuses on how Digital Guardian protects intellectual property against unauthorized exfiltration.


Digital Guardian Revokes Phishing Licenses

Watch this demo to learn how Digital Guardian protects data from phishing attacks.


Digital Guardian for Success in Data Protection

James McCarthy discusses how Digital Guardian provides a comprehensive data protection solution emphasizing CIA - Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.


Digital Guardian for Data Protection and Export Control Compliance

Learn how Digital Guardian applies context aware data protection to proactively support export control compliance.


Getting to data visibility and insights quickly | Optimizing Your Data Protection Part 1 of 5

Learn how organizations can leverage today’s data protection tools for visibility and insights into data flows and business processes.


Simplifying your data protection program for quick wins | Optimizing Your Data Protection 2/5

Learn how to reduce deployment time and complexity while showing immediate value with an enterprise-wide data protection program.


Driving security using real-time user education | Optimizing Your Data Protection 3/5

Learn how consistent and timely user education can reinforce data security while decreasing support expenses.