Digital Guardian and Micro Focus for secure E-mail and enterprise wide visibility

Digital Guardian secures email and delivers the comprehensive data event visibility required to secure today’s businesses. Automated email encryption enables secure, global communication; bi-directional communication with ArcSight allows for rapid response to threats.

Here’s the Challenge

Attackers, whether insiders or outsiders, target the endpoint as their ultimate goal. The endpoint is the point of risk for data loss, it is where threats land and begin to propagate throughout the network. Visibility of user and system activity on the endpoint including access to and movement of sensitive data is key to being able to prioritize threats and respond.

Here’s the Solution

Integrating the end-to-end encryption from MicroFocus SecureMail and advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) from Digital Guardian provides an automated, policy-based email encryption solution with industry-proven data monitoring and protection policies. The solution helps companies maintain regulatory compliance and reduce the risk of data loss.

Digital Guardian provides an event data stream from laptops, desktops, and servers. Forensic logs of data usage events include the users and applications that accessed the data, data events, and classifications of the data itself. Exporting this data stream allows correlation with other security event data increasing visibility for detecting and responding to insider threats and advanced external threats. Organizations that detect attacks can apply controls directly from ArcSight for rapid threat containment.

About Micro Focus

"Micro Focus is uniquely positioned to help customers maximize existing software investments and embrace innovation in a world of hybrid IT—from mainframe to mobile to cloud. We are a pure-play software company focused from the ground up on building, selling, and supporting software. This focus allows us to deliver on our mission to put customers at the center of innovation and deliver high-quality, enterprise-grade scalable software that our teams can be proud of. We help customers bridge the old and the new by maximizing the ROI on existing software investments and enabling innovation in the new hybrid model for enterprise IT."