Friday Five: 3/13

Ryuk Ransomware targets another U.S. city, University of Kentucky ends a month-long cyberattack, and a secret-sharing app exposes user data - catch up on the week's news with the Friday Five.

Microsoft Patches SMBv3 Bug

Microsoft issued an out-of-band security update for a critical SMB bug (CVE-2020-0796) on Thursday.

Sweeping Federal Cybersecurity Upgrades Needed to Defend US

A new report says the federal government and the private sector needs to better defend the United States in cyberspace.

HHS Finalizes New Health Data Rules To Improve Data Governance

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services finalized two new rules designed to give patients better control over their data.

Federal Employees Worked to Defraud Govt Through Stolen Data

A one-time inspector general at the Department of Homeland Security was indicted on Friday on charges he conspired to steal the U.S. government's proprietary software and databases.

Friday Five: 3/6 Edition

National security professionals tightly monitor Super Tuesday voting, Coronavirus complicates security operations, and more  - catch up on the week's news with the Friday Five.

Digital Guardian's Data Protection Platform Rated Five Stars, Named A "Best Buy" by SC Magazine

SC Labs' review highlights the visibility provided by the solution, its ability to identify, tag, and fingerprint sensitive data, and provide insider/external threat protection.

New Lawsuit Alleges Theft of Bridge Security Trade Secrets

This armor safety company claims a former employee stole secrets via a USB drive and used them to net a multi-million dollar contract.

Govt Contractors Allege Air Force Stole IP, Proprietary Data

Two contractors claim the U.S. Air Force took their proprietary data and used it to develop, market, and sell their own version of a storage tank used by planes to fight fires.

Companies Increasingly Complacent Around Data Breach Preparedness

Ponemon Institute's annual data breach readiness survey suggests the increased adoption of security technologies but the continuation of problems, like spear phishing attacks.