Following $170M Fine of Google, FTC to Review, Update COPPA Rule

Many privacy advocates, including the FTC's own commissioner, say the FTC's record $170 million fine that it violated COPPA, isn't enough.

Friday Five: 8/30 Edition

Apple recommits to privacy with Siri, news on a bug bounty program for the DHS, plus the IRS warns of a new phishing attack - catch up on the week's news with the Friday Five.

Biometric Privacy Legislation Catching On Across America

The past few years has seen several states in the U.S. adopt, or look to adopt biometric privacy legislation that dictates what type of facial, fingerprint, or retinal data organizations can collect, use, and store.

Former Google, Uber Engineer Hit With Trade Secret Theft Charges

The latest wrinkle to the Waymo/Uber case serves as evidence that some of the largest, most successful technology companies aren’t doing enough to protect proprietary data, including trade secrets.

U.S. Wary of a Ransomware Attack Against 2020 Election

A report Monday confirmed that the U.S. government is concerned about foreign hackers spreading ransomware that can manipulate voter databases ahead of next year's election..

Mastercard Alerts German, Belgian DPAs Following Breach

A breach at the popular payment card vendor last week mostly involved data of Germans belonging to a loyalty program.

Friday Five: 8/23 Edition

News on how Texas is handling a rash of ransomware attacks, Sweden issues its first GDPR fine, and more - catch up on the news of the week in this wrap up!

How Organizations Can Stay Ahead of Changing Privacy Laws

GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA. Privacy legislation is constantly changing these days. We asked 26 business leaders, security pros, and attorneys how to best stay ahead of changing privacy laws.

Healthcare Orgs in New York Need to Follow a New Protocol Following a Cybersecurity Incident

Healthcare organizations in New York need to be aware of a newly implemented protocol, effective immediately, when it comes to reporting a potential cybersecurity incident to the New York Department of Health.

Legislators Seeking Answers on Student Data Privacy

Federal lawmakers are looking for answers from educational technology companies on how they collect and process student data.