Securing Industrial Control Systems

Block Malware on ICS and SCADA

Industrial Control Systems at Risk

Industrial control systems that were once isolated and proprietary now operate in an interconnected ecosystem. Securing these systems that monitor and control key infrastructure such as power grids, chemical plants and transit systems is increasingly difficult as cyber attackers take aim at these critical systems. Relying on air gap security doesn’t provide full lock down capabilities and can’t assure continuous compliance as new regulatory requirements get introduced.

A Proactive Approach to Protecting Industrial Control Systems

Digital Guardian application whitelisting is ideal for protecting fixed function devices in industrial control systems against targeted malware. Unlike anti-virus which detects “bad” files that match signatures of known malware, our application whitelisting takes a pro-active approach of least privilege, denying everything that is not specifically approved.

How Does Digital Guardian Application Whitelisting Protect Industrial Control Systems?

  • Locks down fixed function devices by blocking unknown and unauthorized executables on fixed function devices
  • Protects them from physical tampering
  • Prevents unauthorized portable devices from accessing information or installing unapproved software or malware
  • Provides evidence for audits by offering full, detailed compliance reports.
  • Lowers IT management costs
      - Eliminates system rebuilds caused by malware
      - Puts your IT department in control of what’s running on endpoints and servers

Why is Our App Whitelisting the Industry’s Most Secure and Flexible?

  • Unique encrypted whitelist on each endpoint
      - Stored locally and protected from all access
      - Stops propagation of potential compromise to other endpoints
      - No single point of failure means stronger security (unlike centralized whitelist database solutions)
  • The industry’s only local client graphical user interface capable of running disconnected

Digital Guardian for Data Protection and Export Control Compliance

Read this whitepaper to learn how to meet compliance requirements for ITAR and EAR with data protection solutions.

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