Are you Cyber Aware? Take our Security Acronym Acumen Challenge and Find Out

We've released an interactive challenge in celebration of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Take our Security Acronym Acumen Quiz today and challenge your friends to beat your score!

October 2015 marks the National Cyber Security Alliance's 12th annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month. To promote cyber awareness we've released a fun quiz that tests your knowledge of common security acronyms.

As in many other industries, security professionals have a language all their own - a language that includes an alphabet soup of acronyms and abbreviations. Many of these are acronyms that we see and hear every day, ranging from threat types to solutions and services. It’s important to understand the information security landscape and how all of these terms fit into the market. To promote awareness of these common terms we've designed a quiz to gauge your security acronym acumen.

Test your acronym acumen today and get a badge to show off your score. Then share your badge on social media using #CyberAware in celebration of National Cyber Security Awareness Month and challenge your friends to beat your score!

Take the Security Acronym Acumen Challenge

Nate Lord

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